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Title: Preserving a blog or forum site
Post by: MrPhil on January 24, 2019, 12:53:19 PM
I have a need to preserve the content of someone else's forum (this would also apply to blogs) for future reference. I participate in a forum discussion that started out strongly, with lots of good product ideas and discussion, but it has petered out in the last few months. I fear that the domain and site owner, who hasn't participated in quite a while now, will let the hosting and/or domain expire, and a lot of valuable information will be lost forever. The Wayback Machine is not useful here, because most of the content is available only to logged-in members.

I see that there are a number of web scraper products out there, but I'm not sure what they'll give me. Some look like they may need to be run from a server, and others might run from a PC. I would prefer to run from my PC, and not involve my LP account, if possible. This would not be a regular visitor like a bot, but just manually kicked off once in a while to take a snapshot of the forum (as a logged-in user). My preference would be to get static HTML pages (plus CSS and JS files) that I can browse from a folder as though it were a live site, but I'm willing to consider other formats (including PDF files). My browser will let me save any given page as a set of files, but I don't want to have to manually do a page save on hundreds of existing pages.

I would be keeping this forum snapshot as reference material for later work. That should be considered "fair use". Sharing copies with other current forum members might be a bit of a gray area, and publicly posting it for anyone to see would almost certainly be frowned upon. Does anyone have experience in this area, and have any suggestions on (preferably free) software to do the job? Thanks!