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Looking for something specific not listed on the Features tab? Although we designed our Windows hosting package with the best tools and support we could offer, there are many other options available. Create a custom Windows hosting solution with our Windows web hosting extras. Together we can grow your business and reach your goals.

Standard SSL Certificate

Make your website more secure and trustworthy with a Dedicated SSL certificate. The Standard Certificate, at $109.00/year includes the following features:

  • Online Automated Validation – No paperwork, no faxes, no delay
  • Industry standard 2048 bit digital signatures
  • 99.9% Browser Coverage
  • $250,000 Relying Party Warranty
  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • FREE Trust Logo
  • FREE Site Seal
Dedicated IP

Make your website more professional and trustworthy with a Dedicated IP.

Premium Restore Service

Our Premium Restore Service allows our customers to restore files on their account from our backups, which are stored for up to 3 days. This extra provides another level of security for those times when you lose data or want to undo changes.

Anonymous Domain Registration

Make your domain registration information private to add an additional layer of security to your account. That way, no one can send you unsolicited offers to buy your domain or sell you additional domains.

Premium Hosted Exchange Email

Make your email more reliable with Microsoft Exchange Email. Aside from having very cost-effective start-up costs, the ensuing operating costs are equally as affordable. Most importantly, there is no need to worry about security issues as every e-mail is filtered through the Microsoft Exchange email hosting server.


As an enterprise-level Windows web host, we know what it takes to build an enduring online presence for both users and search engines. Let us deliver those results for you while you focus on what you do best.

Payment Processing

Whether your business is exclusively online or you also operate by mail order/telephone order (MO/TO) or in person, our payment processing program will help secure your orders.

Is there something specific you’re looking for not listed here either? Chat with one of our reps today to hunt it down.

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