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| Aug. 1, 2012
JugnooMe is a collection of social marketing tools designed to make the social web simple, accessible, and monetizable. It is a social marketing and engagement platform that addresses the barriers many business owners face when promoting their business and brand on the social web.
| Jul. 15, 2012
Google+ for business does a unique job blurring the lines between personal social networks such as Facebook, and business networks like LinkedIn. We know what you’re thinking, “not another social media network I need to join and keep up with”. However, before you decide stop reading, checkout the list below. Here are just a few reasons why Google+ shouldn’t be ignored.
| Jun. 30, 2012
Blogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A blog can be a web log, a daily pulpit, a collaborative space, a breaking-news outlet, a collection of links or an online public diary or journal that is written for others to read.
| Apr. 26, 2012
In October 2011, we featured an article on a little boy named Brennan Scurlock. Brennan's grandfather had submitted his website for our 'Site of the Month' contest.
Monitoring | Apr. 1, 2012
To manage a successful online brand management campaign, it is essential to know when and where a conversation related to your website or company is sparked.
| Mar. 28, 2012
While one has a very difficult time arguing against Photoshop as the top program for any photo manipulation or non-vector design job, the substantial investment required by a Photoshop license can be a scary thing—especially for web designers on a tight budget.
| Mar. 15, 2012
As part of their continuing commitment for ensuring the security of their core product and service offerings to clients, Lunarpages has recently successfully completed their annual PCI DSS assessment for Level 1 compliance.
| Mar. 1, 2012
Just like the seasons, technology changes rapidly in today’s fast-paced world. Just like evolving technological devices, popular social media sites are also growing—adding new features while eliminating others.


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