Douglas Bonderud
Douglas Bonderud
Freelance writer
Douglas Bonderud is a technology expert with a deep understanding of web hosting, cloud computing and data security.

Douglas Bonderud 's Articles
Web Hosting | Apr. 8, 2014
While WordPress gets the lion’s share of the glory, Drupal has built up a dedicated fan base as well, thanks to its endless customization capabilities.
Data Center Technology | Apr. 4, 2014
The cloud is great, but there are lots of good reasons why an organization should put dedicated resources in place to support infrastructure.
Data Center Technology | Apr. 3, 2014
The first third-party server using IBM’s new technology could hit the market this spring.
Web Hosting | Mar. 28, 2014
A good web host keeps an eye out for illegal content hosted on its infrastructure.
Web Hosting | Mar. 20, 2014
Ever wonder how technology fits into the life of a professional MMA fighter? We asked and found out.
Data Security | Mar. 18, 2014
The threat that companies face with malware requires regular and constant innovation.
Web Hosting | Mar. 14, 2014
The higher pixel-density screen resolutions that Apple ushered in with its iPad and iPhone devices mean websites must adapt to the richer image standard.
Web Hosting | Mar. 7, 2014
Here’s what IT leaders should include on their checklists when choosing a web host.
Data Security | Mar. 5, 2014
Although it’s impossible to guarantee 100 percent data protection, there are obvious steps that every business should take to prevent hacks on company IT environments.
Web Hosting | Mar. 4, 2014
Far too many businesses are hanging their mobile customers out to dry when it comes to their mobile website experiences.


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